The poem “Wedding” will be published by in either March or April 2017. Stay tuned!

Three poems, “Molodovsky and Markovsky,” “no god,” and “Lingering” published by From Sac in the “Outsider” issue, 2016.

Flash Fiction, “Blood Red,” winner of the Sierra College Flash Fiction contest. Published in Inscape, the Sierra College Nevada City Campus Student Literary Journal, April 2016.

Theater, “The Necromancer,” the first chapter of one of her novels adapted to a one-woman show, written and performed by Rachel Teferet at Synthetic Unlimited, Nevada City California, May 2015.

Flash Fiction, “Graveyard Pizza,” published by Flashes in the Dark, December 2013.

Flash Fiction, “Burn,” published by Linguistic Erosion Magazine, July 2013.

Short Story, “Milestone,” published by The Rusty Nail Magazine, June 2013.

Flash Fiction, “Fire Season,” published by Necon E-Books on their website in the month of May 2013, and available in the 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology.

Short Story, “Mnemosyne and the Lethal Waters,” published by Uncharted Frontier Magazine, January 2013, Issue #6.  Click here to choose an ebook format to download.

Flash Fiction, “Pandora Black,” published by Nailpolish Stories, November Issue 2012.

Micro Fiction, “Symphony,” published by Cuento Magazine, October 2012; #249.

Flash Fiction, “Reflection,” published by Fifty Word Stories, October 2012.

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