A photo of Rachel TeferetRachel Rose Teferet graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Fine Arts and a penchant for photoshopping the world with her eyes. She enjoys web and graphic design, wildcrafting herbs, and goat herding—though she wishes her goats would stop jumping on her car. She is an artist who paints with words and thinks a story is worth a thousand pictures.

Her work has been published by Page & Spine, Slink Chunk Press, Manawaker Podcast, From Sac, Necon E-Books, Sierra College Literary Magazine as the winner of the 2016 Flash Fiction Contest, and more. Her play has been performed at Synthetic Unlimited in Nevada City, California.

Her website is lettersandfeathers.wordpress.com, and her Twitter handle is @art4earthlings.

You can contact her via email:

art4earthlings at gmail dot com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just writing to congratulate you on this site. I am super impressed. Best of luck to you! We “met” in copyediting class (under my real name), so contact me if you want to do Nano cabin or an online writing sprint.

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