“Rain” Poem Published in Canary, a Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

A man reflected in a puddle on a rainy day. Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

Hello dear friends, and a very happy holiday season and new year to you all. I’d love to share some exciting news with you: My poem “Rain” was published by Canary Literary Magazine in their winter issue!

This piece was accepted about a year ago, and it was so hard to wait but well worth it. The issue is lovely, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

Alongside My Hero Poet Molly Fisk

Also, my poem appears next to my teacher and beloved poet Molly Fisk, which is truly an honor. I took Fisk’s Poetry Bootcamp many years ago, and it is one of the things that inspired me to write poetry regularly. So it is indeed a great honor to be published alongside one of my heroes.

Here’s me fangirling on Twitter:

The History of Mining and Environmental Impacts

My poem “Rain” is about the incessant rain Northern California endured a few years ago that created terrible, massive sinkholes, as well as a few mudslides. The sinkholes, in particular, had me thinking about the history of gold mining in my region, and how my town is built on a latticework of tunnels filled with toxins and bound to eventually collapse.

Read the poem at Canary Literary Magazine, and be sure to check out the whole winter issue. It’s fabulous!

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