Spontaneous Amalgamation at Synthetic Unlimited

This Saturday night, I had the privilege of participating in SPONTANEOUS AMALGAMATION at the Synthetic Unlimited Opera House in Grass Valley, CA. Hosted by the fabulous Micah Cone, this event had an unlikely premise: “Musicians and poets pair up and perform live for the very first time on this special night of verbal and musical adventure!” In other words, without practicing, without the musician reading my poem before hand…we PERFORMED!

Coaxed into the whole hoopla by my friend and poet/playwright Alicia Frost, I was sweaty and shaking as I got up to perform with guitarist Jesse Sabin. And here we are:

The first poem I read, “no god,” is a piece I have been struggling with for a few years. I FINALLY finished the poem with about an hour to showtime, and I am, at last, pleased with the piece. I originally was not going to read it, but was moved by the spirit of Passover which I had mostly neglected this year. Something about the desert imagery and breaking through old blocks really inspired me to read it, and I’m glad I did! The other two poems, “The Bones of Themis,” and “I Eat the Bones,” are a set of works from a larger compilation I am working on called “The Bones of Themis.”

This was the first time in about a decade I got up and recited poetry to an audience. I had a great time! Thanks so much to Synthetic Unlimited—https://www.facebook.com/SyntheticUnlimited—for a magical night of revelry!


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