Video: Behind My Art

Ever wonder how artists torture themselves while making their art behind the scenes? Wonder no more! Below is a video of how I make my hand-burnished prints, followed by a short interview. Please don’t show my chiropractor: she would certainly yell at me over the angle of my wrist.

Each 8 x 10 hand-burnished takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to make. And that’s just the final step! Here’s my process in outline form:

1. Collage by hand (takes anywhere from a few hours to a few months! I’m a die-hard perfectionist)

2. Scan at high resolution and perform graphic design magic (takes at least two hours, but I spent about four hours on “Death and the Sun”).

3. Print the image in reverse and print by hand! (About one hour while trying not to destroy my poor back).



You may ask why I do this. It seems absurd, in our modern world, to print by hand. I have a few reasons.

One. I love the dialogue that happens between doing work by hand (collage, the actual printing process) and the elements of computer-generated design and the addition of text. I feel like I am using the computer as I tool: the computer is not using me.

Two. I love what the process does to the image. Instead of slick graphic design, the image becomes imperfect and unique, a trademark of any hand-printed process. Also, the surface becomes “misty,” and aged: the image looks like an antique, an artifact, or a faded photograph.

Death and the Sun

Death and the Sun

Since a lot of my inspiration for this work came from the subconscious and from working with the tarot, this process really helps to highlight my narrative: the dissolution of ordinary reality; walking into a image-filled dream to find meaning.

I hope you enjoy the film! If you want to see my art in person, and you happen to live in Northern California, I invite you to visit California Organic’s Restaurant in Nevada City, California. The show will hang until the end of September, and there will be an…

Opening Reception! September 19th, on the full moon!

With open mic and bluegrass music.

More info to come about that soon. For now, tell me what you think of the video!

To see more of my printmaking work or to buy prints, visit my fine arts page


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