Lachrymose Zombie Story Published by The Rusty Nail!

house.svg.hiWell, it’s been an eventful month-and-a-half: I participated in Story-a-Day, moved to a new house (along with our mini-farm of chickens and goats!), and have been working overtime doing a ton of web design. A highlight of this month, on top of having an awesome visit with my family, is the Rusty Nail Magazine’s publication of my flash fiction, “Milestone.”

“Milestone” is about a lachrymose zombie who enters a world of limbo after a strange encounter with what I’ll call a “bad fairy.” At its core, the story is about being cut off from time, space, and from oneself; it’s also about being trapped in an unreliable memory, so it has a bit of an epistemological twist to it. Unsettling and strange with a touch of fairytale-like horror, I think it’s a story that will make people take a step back and question their own perception of reality.

The story is available to read online for free at:

zombie“Milestone” was originally inspired by a Story-a-Day prompt from last year, and I heartily thank Julie Duffy (mad genius behind the Story-a-Day challenge) for her inspiration, as well as the wonderful people at The Rusty Nail for publishing my work!

Speaking of Story-a-Day, I was able to write almost every day of the contest this year! And I came out of it with a few pieces I think could be publishable material. I also had a lot of very silly material that, while probably not publishable, amused me very much. So I consider it a win win:)

Probably my favorite Story-a-Day piece is a tweet-sized story called “Burped,” based on a real life story that happened to yours truly! I’ll share it here as a closing gift:

After I burped in your ear, I laughed until I cried, then almost snarfed my dinner.

Thanks so much for reading (and laughing!), and I do hope you’ll check out “Milestone” at The Rusty Nail Magazine!



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