Flash Fiction Published! & Story a Day

I am proud to announce that I have had a piece of flash fiction accepted by Necon E-Books Flash Fiction Contest, a market I have been trying to get into for a few months!  The piece will be up on their website for the month of May, and then will be published in their end of the year anthology in print.  This is my first published piece appearing in print (excluding the college literary mags of olde, haha) and I am super excited.

You can read my story HERE.  It’s  called “Fire Season,” under honorable mention.

apollo&daphne_1_lgIt was a really rewarding and interesting process that finally led to publication.  This was my third submission to Necon’s Flash Contest, and by the third time, I think I really learned how to squeeze a powerful story into just 100 words.  It has narrative and depth; a beginning, middle, and end.  That is no easy thing to fit into such a tiny word count!  It was a fun exercise to try, and I’m really honored that my piece was accepted.

The folks over at Necon are really wonderful and kind.  Thanks Necon E-Books!

Story a Day

2013StADaBadge500x230Despite the trials and tribulations of moving, I have been writing almost every day.  Okay, one piece I’m working on isn’t quite a short story, but it’s entertaining, and gosh darn it, I need some comedic writing before I go to bed!  But I have been churning out quite a few shorts, and I’m hoping to post a couple on my blog before the month is out–so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading friends, and remember to keep on writing!  There’s still 2 more weeks of Story a Day, so even if you didn’t weigh in for the first 20ish days of May, you can make the second half of the month count:)


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