Mnemosyne Published in Frontier Magazine!

Good news!

My piece of flash fiction, “Mnemosyne and the Lethal Waters,” has recently been published by Uncharted Frontier Magazine!

click here to view online:

“Mnemosyne and the Lethal Waters,”


Click here to choose an ebook format to download.

Bad news: my husband has given me the flu.  😦

I’m off to bed, but I hope you enjoy reading my work!  Uncharted Frontier Magazine has some really great stories in it this month that I also think you’ll enjoy.  It’s such an honor to be included in this wonderful publication!


2 thoughts on “Mnemosyne Published in Frontier Magazine!

  1. Ms. Teferet! I am honored to have found your wonderful corner of the web. I also want to thank you again for sending your submission to our humble little EZine. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I just wanted to let you know it’s going to be one of eight stories in our first anthology issue. We hope to see more of your writing, either in our EZine or on the book racks.

    Best wishes and continued success!

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