Story a Day; Novella; etc

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, hey friends?

This is what has been happening in Letters ‘n Feathers land:


Story a Day in September.

Now I might be crazy, but I’m doing this again.  If you recall, I did Story a Day in May, and even though I was a goof; didn’t follow the rules; and didn’t write a story every day, I still managed to create some good material.

So.  This round, I am actually going to follow the rules.  I will actually write one story every freakin’ day.  I’m asking all my friends to hold cyber tasers to my head to ensure that I will, indeed, make my quota, mwhahaha.

I’m a lot more confident this round, too.  I’ve been experimenting with writing flash and micro fiction, and it has improved my style immensely.  I think I approached Story a Day last May with a more NaNoWriMo mindset: WRITE AS MUCH AS HUMANELY POSSIBLE IN ONE DAY OR DIIIIIIIIE!

And while I love the NaNo way, it doesn’t really serve for Story a Day.  My father-in-law recently(ish) sent me a link to check out Sawn-Off Tales by David Gaffney, and I was really impressed by his economic style—the man publishes the most exquisite micro fiction, five-hundred words or less.  They hit you like a punch to the stomach.  Afterwords, I read a lot of flash-fiction and got really inspired to gut my style.  I am now the self-appointed police of adverbs, and I love nothing better than to slash away at my perfect prose until all that is left is the real blood-guts-n-gore of a story.  Yum, yum.

So, with a more economic style in mind, I think I will truly be able to rock Story a Day…instead of just rambling on for pages and pages in a faux novel.  I will actually write short stories.  Thirty of them, to be precise.  And if I muster up the moxie, I might even publish some…  But that is a tale for a whole other blog.


I have a laptop.  I have linux and the beta version of Scrivener.  Hear me roar.


If you look at the blog below, I was gloating about writing a fabulous novella.  But did I edit said fabulous novella?


This is because when I am home, with my delicious internet connection, and my telephone, and my adjgodkajdie whatevers, I do not edit.  But!  When I sit at a cafe with my laptop looking all professional with people looking my shoulder and asking me what I’m working on, then, my friends; then I actually GET THINGS DONE.  Also, the laptop that my sister has so lovingly donated to my cause HAS NO WI-FI!  Hooray!  There is no face(crack)book, no youtube, no NOTHING except solitaire but I’m not really a fan so it DOESN’T MATTER!


This afternoon, I will escape the sweltering 100 degree weather, duck into a coffee

shop, and get lost in the rough draft of my novella, “Star-Crossed.”  And now you, at home, know too, and the pressure is on, because you could cyber-taser me at any point when I get distracted and DON’T ACTUALLY EDIT but I will, oh I will, so please, back away from the screen, there’s a good reader.

More updates to come soon, I hope:)


2 thoughts on “Story a Day; Novella; etc

    • haha, I didn’t realize Story-a-Day could be reduced to “SaD” until I got your comment :X Lol. Well, I reckon you still have time to consider, but I hope that you will–it was very inspirational to read your blog during the SaD (but very joyful) marathon last May!

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