Shits and Giggles

I posted this sign on my door to ward of vampires, terrorists, and husbands from disturbing me while writing; I post it here for your amusement:

A woman must have…a room of her own if she is to write fiction.

~Virginia Woolf

Please do not bother the author while this sign is up; you may be ruining a priceless work of fiction that will enthrall millions, thus robbing the world of genius.

In short:

DO NOT DISTURB while this sign is up.


For me, one of the most important things about writing is to not get my train of thought derailed by humans, animals, insects, etc, etc.  And while I can’t control the wasps that fly into my bedroom, only to die sad deaths on my dusty windowsill; or my goats, who will bleat and bleat and bleat at me until I feed them; at the very least, I can post this sign on my door and turn the ringer off on my phone.

I am a writer!  Hear me type!


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