Story a Day


Well, I found a fun challenge, and thought to myself, why not?

The purpose: to write one story a day for the entire month of May

The passion: to finally write down all those random plots in my head–exorcise the demons and all that good stuff.

The priority: to get down at least 1000 words per day

Day one found me going strong.  I wrote a piece about the fictitious, yet glorious death of my neighbor’s dog.  So far so good.

Then came day two.  Yes, I wrote something, and I liked it; I liked it too much, in fact.  Then, instead of writing a new story every day, I continued to write the very same story.  It is now about 11,000 words, and going strong.  So, even though I’m not writing new stories every day…I think I’m comfortable with just being plain old productive.

Title: Star-Crossed

The People: A pizza delivery boy falls in love with a beautiful girl on OK CUPID.  When he finally gets her (excuse my crass-itude) in the sack, he realizes one critical detail: his girlfriend is actually a goddess–like, literally.

The Problem: Turns out said girlfriend is the personification of winter, and her father–the dread lord of the Underworld, Hades himself–is less than thrilled at her life choices.

The Plot: Our hero leaves his native home of Oakland California, hops on a plane to Greece with his talking pet lizard named Erebus, and eventually, led by the hero’s estranged father who happens to be the Lizard god, our hero must convince the everlasting gods that he is, in fact, not a complete waste of space and could he please have his girlfriend back?

The Tagline: Imagine Dave Eggers and Homer sitting down at a cafe and ordering one too many cappuccinos, to the point where they are so over-caffeinated, they start hallucinating.  Yep. That’s my short story/novella/whatever.

And thus, boldly forward into chaos!


2 thoughts on “Story a Day

  1. I TOTALLY TRIED THIS OUT!!! Got some pretty okay results from it too, not that I did every single day. This one sounds interesting though, all because I have my own infatuation with things greek and god-like. And by the way HELLO!!! Love the blog, just nosying through it at the mo. Seeing some of your artwork and loving it!!! 🙂


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