New Guest Blog about Wildcrafting Medicinal Herbs

Hey all!  I invite you to check out my latest and greatest guest blog for Matthew Berry’s wild and medicinal foods CSA.  Here’s an excerpt:


Wildcrafted Herbs!

Through the porch screen, a balmy autumn breeze drifts in to the Berry’s dinning-room; a large group of people causally sits around the long table, drinking herbal tea and discussing their adventures hunting for Manzanita Berries. It is the second workshop in a series of three for this fall’s Wild Food and Medicinal CSA , and the tables are covered in goodies: crimson Hawthorne Berries, a large Evening Primrose plant, crowned with yellow flowers and ending with a long, parsnip-like taproot; Oregon Grape Root with shiny, barbed leaves; and large baskets full of Blue Oak Acorns.

In the background, children of the workshop participants play quietly as Rachel Berry discusses the medicinal properties of Hawthorn berries. The bowl of blood-red fruits are passed around the table, and many “Mmmm” over the sweet yet sour taste. Stories about and recipes for Hawthorn jam are traded; one woman relates how her friend utilized Hawthorn to successfully lower his blood pressure in just one week. Truly, it feels less like a formal class than a gathering of wise women and men coming together to share knowledge, medicine, and insight…

To read more, check out



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