Guest blog:)

Hey all, just published a guest blog on Matt Berry’s wonderful site dedicated to wild harvesting, permaculture, and sustainable living.

Check it out at:

Here’s an excerpt of the article below:

It’s a warm day, the jewel tones of autumn are off-set by a clear blue sky; the air is rich and wet, the scent of decomposing leaves have overtones of honey and cinnamon. Matthew Berry, Adam Kistner and I are on our way to Bullards Bar, just north of the North San Juan Ridge, to see what may be out in abundance ready to gather.

We have high hopes. As we drive up the 49 North, Matt recalls last year’s harvest, when acorns from the Tan Oaks were plentiful, rolling down into small ravines and littering the areas under the trees. The acorns from the Tan Oaks are especially exciting, because they tend to have a higher oil content than other acorns: they contain as much as 30% oil. I muse that for the Native Americans, oak trees must have been what coconut palms were to peoples living in more tropical climates.

Finally, we arrive in the forest. We spread out, dodging under low branches, walking on a blanket of leaves still wet with yesterday’s storm. The ground is colored with pale tan and taupe, russet and ochre; I feel as though I’m walking on a living mosaic. However, there is only a spattering of acorns on the dappled ground, and most of what we find have tiny, black holes in them made by weevils. “It’s just the first drop,” Matt muses with some disappointment, and we figure the harvest is delayed due to the late winter we had this year…

Read more here!


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