Review: Curtains to Couture

From Curtains to Couture:


The SANDbags Stall At The NC Farmer's Market

I am many things, but organized is not one of them. My idiosyncratic storage tenancies tend to clutter up my craft area, often spilling out into the living room and beyond— much to my husband’s chagrin. Enter Paulette Sand Gilbert, my saving grace.

Miss.Gilbert is a local designer and seamstress who produces “upcycled” handbags, messenger bags, and totes. And by “upcycled,” I mean she rescues and recycles fabulous vintage fabrics for her creations, fabrics that would have otherwise been thrown away or stuffed in the back of a closet. When I passed by her market stall at the Nevada City Farmer’s Market, I could not take my eyes off of her magical creations.

I saw warm, rich patterns from vintage tablecloths, carefully composed to create side bags with generous pockets; vintage sheet patterns, ranging from Superman to Sesame Street, cropped to form the most darling messenger bags; and did I mention the tote bags with fanciful, appliqued bicycles? What I loved most of all were the ample pockets: for a disorganized clutter bug like myself, these pockets would be a life saver.

But could Paulette custom make me a bag to match my every whim and fantasy? Why yes she could! I chose my favorite fabric, a retro paisley-esque daisy print in swirling red, brown and blue arabesques; I asked for a zipper and a velcro flap to secure my pockets. And she had the bag ready for pick up at the farmers market the very next week, no shipping fees required. How’s that for service? And for this living, breathing, one-of-a-kind, practical work of art, I paid just fifty bucks: it was well spent, in my humble opinion.

What I love about Miss. Gilbert’s bags is that not only are these fantastic fabrics all saved from their untimely demise, but the artist takes great care to create the bags in a allergen free environment; she makes sure to wash all her fabrics before she sews. Best of all, most of her bags washable. For a slob like me, this is invaluable.

The Artist Herself.

Thank you, Paulette Gilbert, for making the perfect craft bag for all my knitting, beach-buming, painting, drawing, and other various and sundry needs!

Check out SANDbags on etsy at for more information and eye-candy.


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