Welcome to the reincarnation of my blog!

Ready or not, welcome to Rachel's blog!

Hello friends, family, teachers, strangers, day-dreamers, etcetera….

Welcome to my very first post on this, the reincarnation of many a destroyed blog.  I’ve decided to hone my writing skills, and I thought, what better way to motivate myself to finally finish that darn short story on my desktop than starting (another) blog?

(Yes little short story, every time my mac boots up, your red color-coded label screams at me…  No, I haven’t forgotten you…I’ve just been…distracted).

In any event, this is a place where I’d like to showcase my writing, get some feedback, entertain you for a minute or an hour, etc.  I have been working on a short story and some poems, and they will make it up here just as soon as I am ready.

The story I’m working on right now is called, “Mona, Boccioni, the Mob, and the End of the World.”  Basically, it’s about a starving artist in New York who decides to enjoy the 2012 apocalypse by breaking into MOMA and looking at her favorite painting by Boccioni (pictured on the left; yes, it also happens to be my favorite Boccioni painting).  The only problem is, the mob is trying to steal said painting…  Absurd philosophical ramblings amid some eye candy and kaleidoscopic disintegration ensue.  I’m currently looking for someone to help me edit…so if this story line appeals to you, and you enjoy editing, it would be most helpful and appreciated.

Well, I’m still building this blog up, so excuse my mess while I hash it out.

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time,



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